WIZBL Web Wallet

Manage your cryptocurrency by yourself with WIZBL Web Wallet.

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Create WIZBL Web Wallet

The first step of WIZBL Platform Expansion, WIZBL WEB WALLET

WIZBL provides a convenient and easy Web Wallet service to users who start coin transaction.
  • Easy Interface

    We provide an optimized interface - even a user who has no experience of using Web Wallet won’t have difficulties.
  • Superb Accessibility

    You can have access anywhere and at any time if you have an Internet connection, and we provide the same log in method as the existing WIZBL website.
  • Secure Security Verification System

    We support various verification methods to protect precious users' assets when they send their coins.
  • Simple Coin Transaction

    There's no need to install a Wallet program. You can just access to Web Wallet - Fast and simple coin transactions are available.

Simple Start of WIZBL WEB WALLET

  • Create an Account
  • Create a Wallet
  • Send or Receive Coin

WIZBL Windows Wallet

WIZBL provides a Wallet program for Windows that users can manage their wallet data by themselves. Windows Wallet which offers excellent security and anonymity is a program that makes users manage their coin by installing the wallet data on their hardware. Through intuitive interface, wallet data backup, recovery, encryption functions, and etc. are provided. Download Windows Wallet

WIZBL Wallet Service Expanded to Mobile

WIZBL Mobile Wallet will be launched soon with smart interface and enhanced security. Management and transaction of coins are available anywhere and at any time with only installation of WIZBL Wallet application.